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Total: 3.7/10

Pros: variety of papers

Cons: very high prices

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September, 2020

If you are a college or university student, you have probably dreamed that someone would write your essay. The same need arose for me. Therefore, I analyzed one of the most popular sites among students and made up my own impression of it.

WriteMyPaper4Me review

WriteMyPaper4Me is a service developed to help students with their college or university assignments. All students today dream of a platform that will do all the homework for them. Such a platform exists today, but this does not mean that it is really high-quality and offers a large selection of services that are trustworthy and at affordable prices. So, I decided to conduct my own research. I haven’t read writemypaper4me reviews before and that was my huge mistake.

Variety of papers

By opening this website, I was expecting to see a list of services that this platform offers. However, I needed to spend a lot of time to find out that there is no list of services here. Then I opened the section with answers to customers’ questions and saw that they offer various written services. They do not explain what they mean by these written services. Therefore, I can conclude that they offer writing essays, dissertations, term papers and other written assignments that college students and university students have.

Prices and Payments

Writemypaper4me prices are definitely not affordable. Just imagine if you need paper for a high school student, you have to pay $ 15. And this despite the fact that they will write such a paper in 10 days. Not every high school student or student has such money. Moreover, urgent orders will cost much more. For example, writing a paper in 3 hours costs $ 60. However, you have no guarantee that the site team will complete this task on time. High school students and students are definitely not the richest people. Therefore, I believe that their prices are quite high.

Moreover, I can say that they have everything in order with the possibilities of payment. After placing an order, they suggest you make a payment from your bank card. You do not need to go to any bank or other financial institution and make a payment. Everything happens very quickly and through the Internet because they want to urgently receive your money.

Discounts and offers to customers

I know that many student services offer customers discounts if they often use their services. There are also sometimes referral programs for inviting friends. Unfortunately, such programs do not work on this site. They only offer a 15% discount on your first order. Existing customers cannot participate in any loyalty program. Therefore, I do not see any reason to use this site on a regular basis. You can order one essay, get a 15% discount and hope that the author writes it in a quality manner. But again, you have no guarantees.

Website’s interface and it’s functionality

Most students are young people who value modern technology. They know very well how websites are created today. Therefore, I was very surprised that WriteMyPaper4Me use the outdated web design of their page. He is absolutely not pretty and not suitable for use. You have to spend a lot of time to find some information on the main page. Just imagine this situation: you are a student and you urgently need an essay for college. You go to the site and you need to spend another half an hour of your time trying to find some important functions for you. You just waste your time in vain. I believe that they could make the site much simpler and more minimal. There are too much text and various graphic effects. Someone may like them, but they are certainly not modern and comfortable. Thus, I can conclude that if a student appreciates his time, one will simply close this page and go to another website.


The checkout process cannot be called the easiest. The developers of this website made sure that I could easily find the big green “order now” button. But they did not make the ordering process easy for me. By clicking the “place order” button, I saw a page with a lot of information. I had to figure out for a long time what they want from me. For example, I don’t know what formatting I need. I would like that I could write information about this additionally, and not choose from the required fields. I also had to wait a while for my recommendation files from the professor to load. As a result, I still spent this time in vain because he did not take these drafts into account and did not use this information when writing paper.

Deadlines and timely delivery

This is the moment in which I was completely disappointed with this site. They promised me that they would deliver my order exactly one week after I made the payment. In fact, I had to wait 10 whole days. Fortunately, I had planned to submit my essay to the university in advance and had it so that I had several days left. But in any case, I spent these days waiting for my essay, and do not enjoy hanging out with my friends. I believe that they should have apologized for not delivering my paper on time and compensating me financially. Better yet, they really stick to the deadlines they promise. Indeed, many students are in a hurry to submit an essay to their professors and do not even read them after receiving it. But their quality also leaves much to be desired.

Writers’ proficiency

I have read my essay before giving it to the professor. And it was just a nightmare! It seemed to me that my essay was written by some fifth-grader, and not a person with a master’s degree. I did not see any competent and deep research. It was just a dry statement of facts, with abstruse vocabulary. Most likely my writer was really an inactive speaker of the English language, but he certainly cannot be called a professional author. I believe that I could write my essay better. I also had to spend a lot of time making some changes in it to show my professor that I can provide a really high-quality essay. Perhaps they have other authors who write better and I’m just out of luck. But I’m a student like the others, which means I had to get a really high-quality job as they promise. Unfortunately, it did not happen.

Papers quality

My essay was written poorly in terms of content. Yes, the author really knows how to write an introduction, body, and conclusion, but I am also well acquainted with this classical structure. I expected a professional author to find information on the Internet, analyze it, use my personal experience and knowledge to make my essay really amazing. But that did not happen. Therefore, the quality of the content is just awful and I’m not happy.

Customer support

The customer support for this site is simply disgusting. They never reply to messages. Even if you wrote them 10 times already, they simply ignore you. After that, some manager still answers you, he never knows the answers to your questions. He has to check with his colleagues or appoint a new manager for you to provide you with assistance. But I never received a detailed and understandable answer to my questions. They did not apologize for delaying the deadlines of my essay, did not offer any compensation. They also did not pay attention to the fact that I was dissatisfied with the quality of my paper. I think this is just outrageous. Customer support must exist in order for the customer to be satisfied with your service. I was categorically not satisfied.

Security policy and trustworthiness of service

After I made the order, I decided to study the reviews of other students on different independent platforms to check is writemypaper4me legit. It turned out that I’m not the only one. Many students are also unhappy with essays written by the authors of this service. Therefore, the reputation of this website is definitely not good. Moreover, they do not offer you any guarantees. You can just spend your money in vain and get the low-quality paper. I also heard reviews about writemypaper4me scam as some students did not even receive their papers and could not get a money back for this order.

I even don’t know is writemypaper4me legitimateor not. Of course, they say they have official registration, but who can check that? Official services provide students with customer support and at least money-back guarantee.

Extra peculiarities

WriteMyPaper4Me also has a section with samples. These are student work templates that you can use to get the right information and inspiration. They are written really high quality, probably in order to attract the attention of students who can subsequently become customers. But these samples do not help me get a really good grade at my university. Therefore, I can also call them useless.


Of course, summing up all my text above, I can say that my review is absolutely negative. If you give some specific assessment, this will be 3.7 out of 10. Some positive aspects, of course, were. For example, they did send me an essay, and it was written without serious grammatical errors. But at the same time, I’m still unhappy with the quality of this site, their web design, the checkout process and especially the quality of customer support. They also have very high prices. Therefore, I do not recommend this website to other students, because the answer to the question “can I trust writemypaper4me?”- of course, not!

Score: 3.7/10

How to get the best essay writing service

I understand that a large number of college and university students today need academic assistance. That’s why I can only welcome the emergence of good websites providing quality writing services. I sincerely believe that there are many sites on the Internet that deserve your trust and offer affordable prices for their services. Therefore, instead of wasting time on this, it is better to read writemypaper4me org reviews and to find another website and get a really high-quality essay worthy of an A-rating.

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