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September, 2020

Let’s get acquainted with

When looking for a good site responsible for academic writing, it is extremely easy to stumble upon a scam company. Such services offer their help considering their own benefit, and not the performance of a student. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing an online platform to assist you with your writing task. is a company that provides the same services to the users. Dealing with academic papers is their main responsibility. They are supposed to offer not only writing but various revision options. However, the company has not earned the best name on the Web. I have performed deep research and looked through tons of academized reviews. Now, it is time to speak up.

Category of services 

In general, providing customers with writing their academic papers is a common feature for most online writing services. For some of them, it is also possible to perform different types of revisions. Thus, you can probably have your text proofread or edited, if you need additional revision. However, be ready that a service can ask for a fee for an extra revision. is no more than a regular website that works with students and provides assistance in various academic writings. These are essays, articles, book reviews, dissertations, and other common types of coursework that a student may need.

In fact, the number of options is regular. However, there is one thing that made me worried about the quality of the texts. On the website, you can see the list of available writers. However, their number seems to be not enough for accomplishing the number of possible tasks.

Cost for the papers 

The money issue is important for the customers of the service. In general, these are the students who ask for help. Therefore, most of the users at are concerned about the cost of the finished works. That is why the company needs to pay attention to the pricing so that academized prices are fitting.

Having examined various online writing companies, I have figured out that the cost for a one-page paper with 14 days deadline is average for the market. $12 is what you have to pay if a simple paper with loose timing is needed. At first glance, the cost is quite reasonable, but it goes up with almost every order. The cost of the work is dependent upon 3 main factors:

  • The level of the paper;
  • The writer you choose;
  • The time frames.

Discounts system

Academized price for the papers is quite reasonable, so the company does not point out available discounts. Therefore, to make use of special offers, you need to contact the agents and ask if it is possible to reduce the price. 

The absence of special discounts is explained by the fact that the company has already low prices for the services. 

Site arrangement 

When you first open up the main page, you are a bit confused by the massive amount of information. There are lots of things that are of secondary importance. However, they are placed on the homepage, and it really disorients the users. It is difficult to find the necessary options that are mainly related to the offer itself. You are confused by the additional functions, but it makes you tired and, in fact, reluctant to proceed with the usage.

In general, the website addresses the needs of a user, but you need to be really attentive to find what you look for. The inconvenience corresponds to usability. It does not matter what process you launch, there are lots of distractions from the very procedure.

Inconvenience with placing the order

Generally speaking, there is a suggestion that the designers of the website paid little attention to the needs of the customers. It is impossible to make an order in a matter of minutes. There are lots of redundant fields that have nothing to do with the actual order. However, you are forced to fill them finish the procedure.

The users complain about the time they need to spend to fill all the necessary fields. It discourages to proceed with the ordering process and even makes the customers leave the platform without offering a service.

Delivery issue 

In terms of timing, such online services have to follow strict rules. If they mess up with the time frames, they really give up their users and put a bad mark on their reputation. Therefore, the delivery process must be strictly regulated.

I have looked through an awful lot of reviews, and at most of them academized ratings are not the highest ones. For some reason, it considers the procedure of delivering the papers. In fact, the time needed to perform a task is no more than 3 hours. 

The writers at consider this time to be appropriate to craft a decent dissertation paper, for example. However, I doubt whether the quality of such works is worth the money that regular user pays.

Being able to work fast is for sure an advantage that a company can be proud of. Unfortunately, the writers do not take responsibility for what they send to a user.

Skillfulness of writers 

On the Website, you can see lots of feedback about this company. In general, almost every review of academized is satisfactory. However, it is obvious that the reviews are written by the company itself to raise the statistics. Therefore, you need to find a website where you can see a real picture of what this company represents in fact.

When you get familiar with the comments on their website about the writers, you get impressed with their proficiency. However, the reality differs from what is claimed on the website, and, thus, you start wondering “Is Academized good enough to perform a top-notch paper?”

The skills of the writers are doubtful, as they are ready to write almost any work for 3 hours. For the students, it is obvious that to perform a well-developed work you need to do research, examine an issue and then structure the paper coherently. To be frank, this cannot be executed in a matter of 3 hours.

Quality of the writings 

With the writers ready to accomplish the tasks for such a short time period, you can hardly believe that the texts are good. In fact, the users are unanimous in their views regarding the quality of the papers.

In the finished works, you can find mistakes that can hardly be made by a native speaker. Nevertheless, there is an option to pay for a British speaking writer, you will not get a perfect and flawless text. The users who made use of the option admitted that is was a total waste of their money. In the text written by a British writer, there were a few words with American spelling. Thus, chances are that even with an extra fee you cannot be sure the text can be submitted.

Contact with the support team

The customer support issue is a controversial matter. In fact, there is a live chat that you can use to manage the problems. It is supposed to function as a regular support system for the users. Unfortunately, it is not perfect at all.

First of all, you need to wait for a long to have your question answered. The agents are not always available, and it makes everything work slowly. The company says it can do nothing with the delays in response, as the workload is enormous.

Second of all, the customers agree that the support team is much more mobile before the order is offered. In this case, they give prompt answers and even guide the clients sometimes.

Credibility and guarantees

In general, the site looks quite legal. However, there is at least one point that makes users doubt in it. The profiles of the writers are anonymous; thus, you cannot get any information about the person you cooperate with. Actually, it makes the customers wonder “Is Academized legit?”.

In terms of guarantees, you are not the winner in this game. If you are not satisfied with the paper or you need something to change, the chances are little that your request will be processed abruptly. You have to turn to the support team and then discuss the issue in detail. If the agent agrees to your request, you can expect partial money remuneration or additional revision of the text. However, be ready to defend your position.

Additional bonuses 

In fact, you cannot find something special on the website, however, there are a few things that you definitely need to remember:

  • You can pay extra money to get special treatment from the team, but it does not always happen.
  • Another feature to spend your budget on is the possibility to choose a writer.
  • You can also ask to have your money back in case if the services are not of high quality, but be ready to lose the game.

Let’s sum it up

The website represents a common platform for students who need an academic paper. Unfortunately, Academized Reddit services will not meet your needs, as the quality is far from perfect. There are a few satisfactory features, but in general, the service is better to avoid. is not the best choice for you 

If you have enough time and money, you can definitely try this service. Hopefully, your offer will be processed by an experienced writer and the final paper will be good as well. However, it is rather an exception to the rule, so you’d better look for a better choice.

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  1. Jacob:

    Decent customer support, original papers, and they meet the deadlines. It can be helpful for average assignments. These guys cope with standard essays, especially if you give them more time. In case you have a more complex and urgent task, you’d better look for someone else. The chances are high that they won’t find you a competent writer.

    August 14, 2020
  2. Nick:

    I used Academized once, but I don’t think I’ll use it again. Though I paid for the “top” writer, the paper was rather dull and banal. It was not plagiarized, and they even formatted it nicely, but it was not original either. My professor accepted the essay, but I did not get the A grade as they promised me. This service works for high school students. But not for the university.

    August 4, 2020
  3. Joseph:

    I had to refer to such companies a couple of times, and I heard much of Academized. I read praising reviews – now I think they were fake. I gave them a week to do my essay, and I paid for the author from the “top” category. If that was the top author’s work, then I don’t even want to know how their usual writers work. Never repeat my mistake; don’t trust Academized! They claim they help you, but the only thing they can is to take your money and give you a piece full of errors.

    August 4, 2020
  4. Gabriela:

    I had to pay twice. I turned to, and they promised that a Ph.D. author would do my case study. So I paid them and waited for the paper. But the thing I got was poor – lots of mistakes and awful style. I could hardly read the sentence till the end. I had to order a case study from a different company and paid extra for a shorter deadline.

    May 10, 2020
  5. Betty:

    It is a bitter disappointment – they wrote papers with tons of errors and incorrect formatting. If I did not track it, I could submit a plagiarized paper and fail this task. They have some useful guidelines on the website, so take them and write your essays yourself! Even if you know a little, you’ll cope better than them! I still had to waste three hours on fixing that paper, as I had too short a deadline to hire the editor. That would cost me an additional fortune.

    June 28, 2020
  6. Steven:

    It’s not a quality paper, but they had the nerve to advise me to request a revision. What revision can it be if they produced that crap at once? If you want to take chances – find some other way than to order papers from these guys.

    May 10, 2020
  7. Michael:

    This company is a fraud! They hire some ESL writers who don’t know English at all. Refer to decent services if you need the job done correctly. These people only take your money, and you’ll never get it back from them!

    July 18, 2020
  8. Dustin:

    My coursework was critical for me, and I paid to Academized to get it done. First, they missed the deadline. Second, they gave me a paper that did not match my instructions at all! That piece of rubbish was not about my topic at all! They take random sentences and put them together to meet the words count.

    July 10, 2020
  9. Grover:

    Keep away from these people! They are charlatans and plagiarists! Trust them is to throw the money out of the window, as you will never get a refund from them!

    June 3, 2020
  10. Jennifer:

    The only suitable fragment in my essay was one direct quotation. The rest was a mess. I think it was the work of some students with no understanding of academic requirements.

    June 10, 2020
  11. Barbara:

    You should not trust Academized. The company claims they work with ENL professional writers with degrees, but it is obviously no so. My paper had so many mistakes that a native speaker would never make! I don’t know why they did not bother to proofread it! So I spent my evening on rewriting it. Of course, I demanded my money back, but they refused me! They said I accepted the paper, so, that’s all. Don’t use this service, as they only take your money.

    June 19, 2020
  12. Ryan:

    I wasted my money on a lousy essay with a weak structure. It was worse than my draft! I decided not to request a revision, and it’s not worthwhile – I’d only lose more time.

    April 15, 2020
  13. Laura:

    This company helped me not to fail the task. It is the best they can do. Of course, you’ll read about their Ph.D. writers and guarantees of excellent grades, but it’s usual marketing. They sell papers of average quality. The good thing, they don’t charge you too much for them. So, if you are okay with the average, you can use this service. If you need better works that can really support you – address to some other company.

    June 10, 2020
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