Grademiners review – what is it, and can it help? review
Total: 2.9/10

Pros: payments safety

Cons: poor quality of papers, ESL writers

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September, 2020

Among many online writing services, you can find reliable ones and those not deserving of any trust. The problem is that often you can start cooperation with the low-quality company and find it too late. To protect the students and help them find the best partners, I’ve created a series of writing services reviews. This one is about Grademiners.

The Grademiners company in essence

Grademiners is an online writing company that emerged in 2009 and remains active. This fact hints that the service is popular and trustworthy, as you need to deliver results to keep your positions that long. At the same time, there are lots of Grademiners scam feedback on the Web. It seems the company has so many unhappy clients. These contradicting facts made me start the research. If your question is Grademiners legit, you can be sure that it is. Such academic writing companies are legal. So, let’s go further to the other aspects.

Types of papers you can get from the company

In general, the scope of Grademiners is not anything special. It offers you the same services that you can get from many online writing teams. These are the high school and college academic papers, dissertation services, and some business writing like resumes.

The list you will find at the official website is the following:

  • Essays of all kinds;
  • Research papers and research proposals;
  • Case study;
  • Lab reports;
  • Reviews of books and movies;
  • Coursework;
  • Term papers;
  • Dissertations;
  • Resume writing;
  • Cover letter writing.

You will also find the ‘homework’ section so that you can order necessary help with many assignments. And there are separate services of editing and proofreading, and also making the PowerPoint presentations.

But if your needs are more challenging, you might not find assistance at Grademiners.

Prices of the services and payment options

Grademiners pricing can seem lower than those of their competitors at first sight. It attracts users to the company, as they believe they can save money by getting the job cheaper. Unfortunately, it is a marketing trick – the lowest prices are set for the most prolonged deadlines. The trouble is that high school and college students never get writing assignments with such long timeframes (unless they can predict the professors’ preferences for a month ahead).

It is more reasonable to view the Grademiners pricing with more realistic deadlines like 10 or 7 days. There you will find them approximately the same as other companies offer. Besides, you can find some hidden fees during the order – make sure to uncheck them if you don’t need such options.

As for the payments, you can use Visa and MasterCard system to order papers or PayPal transfers.

Discounts and promo campaigns

Like many other companies, Grademiners offer the discount for the first order. You can get the Grademiners promo code for 10% or 15% and enter it during the ordering procedure to reduce the price.

The company has an encouraging system for returning clients. You can get bonus points with each next order – the company will put them on your account. These points can be accumulated, and later you can use them to cover a part of your next payment. It is an unusual system, but it is not as convenient and the good old discounts for orders. 

Grademiners do run promo campaigns from time to time and offer more promo codes. You need to subscribe to their email newsletters to get these codes.

Official website: customer experience

Grademiners owns an attractive website. It has a beautiful layout, and its bright colors appeal to the users. Besides, the site is quite informative. You will get a proper description of the services and – what I find essential – a detailed pricing table. It specifies the fees for each type of work, and it can even convert them into different currencies.

The company claims itself to be international and working for many markets. Thus, you can calculate the amount to pay in USD, Euro, Canadian and Australian dollars, GB pounds, and even Chinese Yuan. 

However, providing useful information on the financial side, they keep hidden the most critical data about the writers’ team. The only thing they share is that they collaborate with 1200 experienced authors, and you can’t get any other details about their expertise.

Ordering Process

It is a standard ‘three-stages’ procedure. Click the ‘Order’ button you can find at any page, and start the process:

  1. Enter the basic info about your order – the type of work, academic level, subject, and deadline;
  2. On stage 2, provide all the additional information about the paper you need. Add as many details as possible, upload files with instructions, and so on;
  3. On stage 3, check the extra features you would like to include, and make the payment.

You need to be very attentive when you pass the ordering procedure. On the one hand, it is designed to help you to provide the most detailed description of your assignment. In its turn, it will help the author to grasp the requirements. But on another hand, the ordering form already includes hidden charges – note them and make sure to disable.

One more very inconvenient circumstance is that they can ‘hold’ your order while they wait for the payment confirmation. It can cause a delay for several hours or even days. If you are short of time, it can be a severe problem.

Meeting the deadlines

Grademiners does its best to meet the deadlines you set. I found lots of negative reviews about this service – unhappy clients complained about many things and even accused of Grademiners cheating. But they never complained about delays. On-time delivery is the factor they all name among the pros of the service, even if it is the only advantage mentioned in the Grademiners reviews. 

Writers qualifications

No matter how efficient your marketing strategy is, and how beautiful the website looks, we all need the text quality. It is impossible to provide a decent quality without skilled authors.

Here I put a big minus to Grademiners. They state their authors are native English speakers with college degrees and several years of experience. Unfortunately, the quality of the essay I got for the test order was the evidence of the opposite:

  • The writer did not follow my instructions. Why do they ask to provide them? I’d like to know.
  • The writer was an ESL person. No chance on Earth that I could submit this paper as the work of an ENL student;
  • And the performer was not skilled in the APA formatting style, that was a mandatory requirement.

The quality of the texts

If a company does not possess skilled writers, it is useless to expect to get quality papers from it. Unfortunately, the texts Grademiners employees compose are low-quality. There were lots of grammar errors, incorrect in-text citations, and a messy bibliography.

I requested the revision, and the Grademiners approved it. But there is nothing in their policy about the revisions timeframes. You might wait for a week or more, in theory. Fortunately, I got the writer the next day, and it took two more days to get the revised paper. Pity, but the quality improvements were well below expected.

It was original, though. I tested the contents of the essay with two reliable online plagiarism checkers, and they both proved an appropriate plagiarism level. I won’t think that the Grademiners owners would like to cheat their clients. The timely delivery and plagiarism-free texts show they put effort to satisfy the customers. Unfortunately, it worth nothing without a good quality of content.

Customer Support

There are several means to contact the support managers. You can use live chat – it can be launched from any page. There is also a toll-free USA phone number (unfortunately, it would cost a lot for non-USA users).

I saw complaints on the Grademiners customer support being rude, but it is not the case I met. They seemed professional and were very polite. They can answer your questions, and they do try to help you. But it does not compensate for the poor quality of the writer’s work.

Company’s reputation and guarantees

There is a Grademiners Reddit thread they use to promote their reputation, and it is full of ads. In general, the online reputation of this company tends to be negative – many unsatisfied users are sharing their experience in Grademiners reviews.

At the same time, the group provides the primary safety guarantees that are essential for any writing service:

  • Confidentiality – and Grademiners won’t break their customers’ identity;
  • Payments safety – they use trusted third-party payment gates for the credit card transactions. They also own a PayPal account so that you can do direct transfers. SSL certificates provide secured connection, and you can be sure your payment details won’t be stolen;
  • Money-back-guarantee is a weak point of their policy. They don’t have a transparent description of the refund conditions. The user should apply to the support team with the claim, and then they examine the case. It does not guarantee that you will get the money back.

Extra Features

You can order several additional options for your papers, but you will need to pay a supplementary fee. These features are:

  • An outline of the article – in many cases students need to submit it too;
  • Advanced quality check by a dedicated editor;
  • Choosing the top writer;
  • Plagiarism report;
  • SMS updates about the status of the task and any possible issues.


Grademiners is not the best online writing service on the Web. It has too many cons: poor quality of papers, ESL writers that can’t write in fluent English, and prices that do not match their work. I would never recommend you using the Grademiners services. You will waste your time and money and get frustrated.

Score: 2.9/100

Entrust your tasks to the reliable writing services

On this website, you will find the essay writing services rankings. I did my best to evaluate many resources and describe their services fairly. The companies from the top of the rankings are more than capable of meeting any of your requirements and providing you with a quality job. Refer to them if you need guarantees of successful performance.

See also popular reviews of essay writing services:

  1. Kenneth:

    Grademiners can’t do papers! There are always poor structure and messed data. It is usually a Wikipedia article, slightly paraphrased. Want to sink your reputation? Then use them. Otherwise, just don’t take chances.

    June 22, 2020
  2. Marilyn:

    The only thing I’ve got thanks to the Grademiners is that their services are too expensive. You’ll always have to pay another company after you get papers that Grademiners write. They don’t know about the academic style and formatting! Either prepare to rewrite the piece yourself, or prepare your money for the people who can do the job.

    June 1, 2020
  3. Sabrina:

    The company’s fraud! They charge the card, and you’ll never get your money back! Even if you point to the regulations in their refund policy, they say that your case is not such.

    July 6, 2020
  4. Jeana:

    I turned to Grademiners. My biggest mistake. I’ve never seen such an awful paper as they did! I demanded a refund right away, but they offered me to rewrite the paper for free. So I agreed, and I only wasted my time! That paper still had all the errors that I noted! I don’t know what they did with this file, but clearly, they did not even try to improve what they wrote! Now they claim that they can’t return me the money because I agreed to a revision.

    July 15, 2020
  5. Mark:

    It’s a scam! Never use Grademiners! They are unqualified at all. Anyone would cope with the paper better than them. They still have the nerve to charge your card and then claim they did they work!

    April 27, 2020
  6. William:

    These people are cheaters, and you should stay away from them. They can’t help anyone even with standard tasks. Maybe you can use such a service in high school, but give yourself a favor and find a competent helper when you are in college. Otherwise, you’ll get messy papers and will spend hours on fixing them.

    May 26, 2020
  7. Maria:

    They are worth zero. The thing they did for me looked like a draft, and not an essay that I could present to my professor. It lacked the conclusion part and worked cited. For the money I paid, I’d expect at least a proofread and formatted paper, but no. I’ve demanded a refund, and I’ll receive it.

    June 23, 2020
  8. Jeannie:

    I don’t recommend anyone trying Grademiners. Their prices don’t match the level of work – it is shallow. Don’t risk your grades. Write your essay yourself, or address a decent service.

    June 10, 2020
  9. Preston:

    Grademiners don’t provide quality works. Their papers are full of litter – they don’t proofread them at all! I wonder why they can’t at least hire an editor to make the papers more readable. Of course, they say they work with the ENL degree holders, but even a freshman sees all mistakes that an ENL writer will never make. Besides, they can’t be degree holders, as there is inadequate knowledge of the subject. This company lies to its customers. It charges them for high-quality papers, but it produces inferior quality. Is there any plus? Well, these miserable papers are original.

    May 5, 2020
  10. Jonathan:

    I ordered a research paper from, and they delivered it on time. It was the only plus, as the quality of the work was nowhere near excellent. I could not even count all grammar errors – I gave up in the middle of the text, but there were several dozens of them. Too bad for a company claiming that they are the best.

    July 5, 2020
  11. Amy:

    Grademiners is a decent company that cares for its reputation. They do the job for money honestly, and I always receive the papers I order. They also listen to criticism, and I see they want to improve. I never used them for complicated assignments, but it’s okay for a standard essay. Though, last time they cheated me – I definitely see that my author was ESL, not ENL, as they promised. I requested a revision then, which improved the text, but I still had to finish it off myself.

    June 5, 2020
  12. Miles:

    It is an average service. They provide the standard prices of paper assignments and help with homework. I order these papers time after time when there is some exceptionally dull task. They deliver the papers on time. I never had any problems with delays. However, don’t expect too much from this company – it’s more or less okay overall. Still, it won’t help you to boost your reputation.

    April 12, 2020
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