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Pros: price can be limited by the client

Cons: complicated homepage

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September, 2020

Here you may find a brief description of different aspects of homeworkforyou services.

What is Homeworkforyou?

Well, homeworkforyou is a self-funded startup whose main target is to help the students do their homework correctly and provide the tutors` assistance. If school pupils or college students need any professional help, they may place an order on the website. This webpage may be useful for either students and teachers.

This popular online platform has been operating for more than 9 years. It should be mentioned that homeworkforyou provides a marketplace for homework help and the customer can choose the tutor independently not to pay attention on homeworkforyou review.

Diversity of assignments

So, the company offers a place where students can locate their homework. I can look at the main page of the website- there is a list of actual tasks to complete. All of them are from various subjects: tests, questions, essays, etc.

Pricing and payment

Homeworkforyou prices can be versatile, as every student and teacher (the customer and the contractor) can specify the most suitable price for them. On top of the main page, I may see a quick form for those who would like to post their homework. As for the price, you can choose any sum of dollars from 15$ up to 10000$.

Perhaps, there are some additional possibilities to specify the price, except for this range, so, you should study the webpage more and find out this point individually. However, this range seems to be enough for most homework tasks.

Special offers and bonuses

There is an opportunity to get 5$ off if you refer to a friend who makes his/her first order. You should hold the homeworkforyou account for this. The client may invite his/her friends and receive money for their first orders.

On the main page of the website, you can find one more special offer. It is stated that every 15 assigned tutoring can receive 10% cashback (however, limited to 50$) on the posted assignments. The client will be contacted via e-mail in case of the victory.

Nevertheless, it is recommended visiting homeworkforyou webpage and study all the information about the current discounts and special offers or contact the support team, if needed.

Design and usability of website

As for the design of the official Homeworkforyou website, it is really appropriate. The webpage is quite user-friendly and easy-to-use. All the most essential information is located on the main page so that the client may find several links and follow them, if necessary.

The design of personal accounts is convenient and practical. Moreover, there are several pages on the website, such as How it works, Help, About, Terms, Refer a Friend, Blog, Contact Us, etc. where you can find useful data. Homeworkforyou Blog may be in handy, as there are many cool articles on different topics in this section. There is a special form for submitting the homework assignment. The webpage really makes a positive impression.

Process of order

At first, a client places his/her order by filling in a special form. Then the customer receives a particular number of bids and decides which one seems to look legit for him/her. After choosing the most appropriate bid, a client may accept it and start communicating with a writer in order to clarify any necessary information.

Whether the homeworkforyou tutor has completed the homework, the client looks at the results carefully and checks everything. If a student is fully satisfied with the task, he/she clicks to complete the project and the teacher gets the payment. The client has got a chance to express gratitude and send positive feedback to the teacher.

In case of any dissatisfaction, the customer and the tutor try to communicate and resolve the issue. However, if it cannot be done, the client may contact the Support Team and file a dispute. Homeworkforyou affirms that they always do their best to help all the parties feel comfortable and satisfied.

As for the tutors, the teachers can browse through the available projects and find the most suitable to complete. The tutors should place a bid with the appropriate sum of money for the implementation of the assignment and the time to complete it. The teacher will get a notification via e-mail if the bid is accepted.

When the work is done and the client is satisfied with the results, a tutor receives the money on homeworkforyou account minus a 25% charge (Hosting + Advertisement + Development cost). A tutor can withdraw money by clicking on the button “Cash” on the left navigation bar and entering the amount of money.

Delivery and deadlines

It is undoubtedly important to fulfill the assignment on time. The tutors should take only those orders that they can complete by the deadline requested and successfully. Then, the teachers can have a lot of positive feedback that is really a valuable indication of the tutor`s work.

Of course, the tutor may sometimes postpone the deadline due to different valid reasons. In this case, it should be agreed with the client. Perhaps, the task requires any additional changes or anything else. Anyway, a customer may always contact the support team and solve the disputable issues.

Quality of writers

Well, as usual, the tutors should have enough experience and a clear understanding of the subject of the assignment. You can look at the writer`s profile, feedback, and rating as well as study some other details about the completed projects. This information may help you define the best suitable tutor for you from the list of bidders.

Content quality

A lot of clients are usually worried about the issue of homeworkforyou plagiarism. Can this service be used to plagiarize or not? You may find the section that might answer this question on the page Help on the official website. The team informs that like any other helpful service, homeworkforyou may be used responsibly as well as irresponsibly.

On the one hand, this service can provide valuable assistance during the learning process that may boost the students` ability to study.

On the other hand, some students might use the completed tasks as their personal ones and thus, try to plagiarize. This action is not supported by the homeworkforyou team. They always ask students to use this service honestly and responsibly for all the parties without plagiarizing.

Of course, every client should always check the task for being plagiarized or not as well as evaluate the quality of the work.

Customer support

On the page Contact Us on the official website it is stated that the response times from the Support team are fastest from 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. (Mon-Thurs). It is added that support requests, which are outside those times, may get delayed responses.

If a person cannot find the answer to a necessary question in the section of frequently asked questions or in other parts of the webpage, it is a fine option to contact the homeworkforyou team and ask some questions, provide requests or proposals, etc.

Trustworthiness and guarantees

It is a very important question “Is homeworkforyou legit and reliable enough?”, “Is this service legal or not?” It is always recommended studying everything in detail and compare all the credible information in order to come up with the proper decision.

Here below there are some points to consider according to the official website.

A serious issue for the students is to make certain that this service is safe enough. In fact, is homeworkforyou safe?

Well, there is an option to pay with PayPal. Some clients may want to know whether there are any other available ways and payment systems. However, homeworkforyou progresses and develops and the team strives to fulfill all the clients` expectations so that some additional forms of payment may be included.

Another point to study is connected with the privacy policy and all the terms of cooperation. The company affirms that they respect the client`s personal data and promise to protect the confidentiality of private information.

 The customer is highly recommended studying all the information on this topic on the official website and get familiar with the privacy policies and all the peculiarities of the terms under which the cooperation is maintained.

The client may always contact the support team and clarify everything on a matter of concern.


Of course, homeworkforyou always strives to meet all the client`s requirements and provide a quality writing service. The customer should note that he/she ought to choose the tutor independently and thus, it should be a responsible and attentive approach. According to the general overview, this service provides a specialized platform where the client might find the solution for the homework and the tutors may have additional earnings as a freelance assistant.

Summing up

Actually, there are a lot of benefits of such a service and the basic points, as it is stated on the official website, maybe the following ones:

  • The client may choose the writer independently by studying the tutors` profiles.
  • The price of the order can be limited by the client. The writer may propose his/her own price in a bid and the customer may accept or reject it.
  • There are several juicy discounts and special offers.
  • There is a convenient location of available orders on the main page of the official website;
  • And many other points.

Score: 9.5/10

Order your papers from trusted writing websites only

Finally, let me remind you that it is only a brief overview of the information that is stated on the official website of the writing service. Of course, a client needs to conduct critical analysis and study all the available credible info on this topic as well as get familiar with the customers` independent feedback and testimonials and compare everything in detail.

Moreover, a person ought to carry out personal research and contact the writing service in order to clarify several issues. Every client should check all the information individually in order to make a balanced and proper decision. The clients can browse the official website of this writing service and contact the support team, if necessary.

 Anyway, the customer should provide all the necessary requirements in detail and check the results after the paper completion attentively. In case of the necessity of any changes or editing, a customer may always inform about this point in order to make the paper better.

Whether you need any assistance with your homework, homeworkforyou is always ready to help you. Good luck to you!

  1. Elizabeth:

    I did not get my paper until I contacted their support specialist. I think they want to try your patience or something. To be honest, I expected a better paper quality and online support. Eventually, I hired additional editing and proofreading and got B for my assignment.

    June 30, 2020
  2. Madison:

    Their prices are reasonable, and I do like it. However, they missed my deadline and did not even apologize for that. They acted like nothing happened when I contacted their support service. Well, I like the quality of my essay, but this company is not punctual.

    May 28, 2020
  3. Ella:

    Homeworkforyou is the only company that could help me with my chemistry assignment in just three days. Their website is fast and convenient, so I did not need to contact support services. However, the quality of my paper was not the highest because I got a C. Nevertheless, this service is worth a shot.

    April 19, 2020
  4. Aria:

    If you need some writing assistance, think twice before using this company. Their support service cannot help you with anything. Moreover, they expect you to deal with all the problems on your own. The quality of the paper is quite good, but I am not sure that their writers are native English speakers.

    May 10, 2020
  5. James:

    I needed help with my statistical report paper, and I expected to get at least a middle quality. However, I ended up 100% satisfied with my paper! The writer did his best to analyze the issue and research it. I did not get A, but I got a B, which is quite good for me. I think I would use again.

    May 9, 2020
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