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Pros: clear ordering process

Cons: no prices on the homepage

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September, 2020

Nowadays students deal with lots of writing services that offer similar help with writing assignments. But this market is so competitive, and the services try to attract the attention of the customers in different ways. AceMyHomework is an online service that also is used by thousands of students. Some of them consider this service as the best experience, and some of them find the disadvantages of using it. I looked through lots of reviews and summarized them in this article.

Few words about AceMyHomework

According to the acemyhomework reviews, this service helps to complete the writing assignments. Students from different countries can find a tutor there, who will write the required paper. The service is similar to the others, but it has a higher rate and a better reputation.

The website works on the bidding system. It means that the student places the order and authors start to make their bids. The student chooses the best writer and he/she starts to work. When the paper is ready, the client looks through it and if everything satisfies him/her, the author gets money for the paper.

Kinds of academic papers

As you see, there are lots of offers which can satisfy everyone. For example, you can order a book or movie review as well as a long read, texts for your personal blog, dissertations, research papers, coursework, university and college essays, texts for advertisement and etc.

Professional writers work here, and they know the rules of editing, formatting, and writing. So it is the perfect variant for students to make an order and not to waste their time if they don’t want to write academic papers.

Every kind of paper is described shortly, so you can know about require paper more. By the way, the writing service offers to write more than 40 kinds of papers. But there are kinds which are more popular, and some of them are rarely ordered.

Prices at AceMyHomerwork

The homepage doesn’t contain the information about acemyhomework prices. But it is believed that the final price depends on the number of pages and the urgency. For example, the same paper can have different prices when one student needs it in four hours, and the other one needs it in 24 hours. Thanks to the bidding system you can discuss and determine the final price with the chosen author.

After full all your requirements, you will be asked to determine your project to one of five categories. It starts from the Micro projects and ends with Major projects. Experienced customers say that the prices start from $10 per page for the unurgent orders. And you may pay even $1000 for the urgent dissertation paper.

AceMyHomework has few paid features:

  • Your order will be at the top and more authors will see it, but it costs $29.99
  • Sent your order to all writers by emails, it costs $11.99
  • Only qualified and top writers will see your projects, but you should pay $13.99 for it
  • Pay $11 and the writers will see each other bids, so they will see the prices and offer you the lowest one.

As for the payment systems, students can use their debit and credit cards. PayPal is also available as the mean of payment. Your money will be transferred to the service account after you choose the author, but he/she will get it after you accept the paper.

Special offers

Believing the reviews of the customers, there is no acemyhomework coupon,which can decrease the price. It has no discount, no bonuses for the first order and etc. If I am not mistaken, the referral system is also absent.

In fact, the discounts are absent due to the bidding system. Of course, the authors offer their prices and none can influence it. The only variant is to chat with the author whom you choose and ask him/her for the discount. Maybe the price will not be decreased, but the author may proofread or edit your paper for free.

But people complain that this service is good enough and the discount is its main issue. Moreover, customers have to pay for special features as it was mentioned above.

Usability of website

Maybe prices are too high and unattractive, but the interface of the website is so user-friendly. Everything is clear, and even a child can understand how to use it. The first action you must do is create a free account and upload your project with detailed requirements. Navigation is so clear, and every step is explained.

After placing an order, your assignment will get bids from the authors. You can look through their profiles, think about which one is better and make a choice. When the paper is completed, you have a right to review it and only after that and when you are completely satisfied with it, you can transfer the money.

It is said in lots of reviews, that there are such sections in your account:

  • Dashboard – will be useful when you need help with downloading your home assignment
  • Projects – all your previous tasks which are completed and relevant ones
  • Messages – you can chat with the author who works with your paper.

How to make an order?

There is a mind about acemyhomework legit,but it is not true at all. The website is too serious and you have to be sure that everything will be OK with your paper and money.

So the ordering process includes some steps and everyone who wants to make an order should know about it. Firstly, you have a right to ask the author to pass the texts which you can send him/her. It may be the English test as well as some specialized tests according to your topic. The writers here are listed according to their rate, but sometimes authors from the top are worse than someone with a lower rate.

When you choose the author and he/she starts to work your task is to wait. But if you see that the author is offline for more than 8 hours, it is a signal that maybe he/she is not working with your paper. Be careful and don’t mind to write in customer support.

But when everything is correct, you are pleased with the paper, you can click on the special icon and money will be transferred to the author. Sometimes the writers can cheat and make double spaces or miss the letters for the uniqueness of the texts. So before accepting the paper, read it attentively and check the text with your antiplagiarism checker.


In some reviews, people write that acemyhomework is cheating.But this statement is not supported by the facts. The main issue is that sometimes writers don’t send the papers on time. Looking through the reviews, I can say that almost 97% of the customers get the papers on time, but there are cases when the orders were not delivered before the deadline.

While making an order and chatting with the author, students have to tell them about the importance of meeting deadlines. It is just a work for the author, but it is a real writing assignment for the student which must be passed to the tutor at some point in the future. My recommendation is to point the deadline earlier than it is. In such a way you will have time buffer, and it will not make you nervous. 

Professional authors

AceMyHomework has different reviews, which are cardinally different. For example, one student is happy with the paper, and the other one says that it is the worst experience in life. And the main issue of the negative reviews is the incompetence of the authors. I mentioned before that you have a right to give the author tests.

The most points which were outlined by the customers are:

  • Poor English – because not all authors are English-speaking
  • Grammar mistakes
  • The low percentage of uniqueness
  • Not proper formatting
  • Not deep knowledge

But of course, it doesn’t say that there are no professional authors. They work there. My tip for students is to look through all the bids and to look at the samples of works. Don’t choose the lowest price, but choose quality. In this way, you will get the qualitative paper, which will be unique and informative.

Quality of papers

Some reviews claim about acemyhomework reddit,and they even didn’t make any orders there. But people, who make orders regular, prove that the service is safe and honest to the customers. As for the payment system, prices and ordering process, everything is clear. But let’s speak about the quality of the papers.

Testimonials on the homepage are positive. But they are so ‘sweet’, so it seems to be written by one of the authors. Testimonials on the other websites say the truth. Some people say that the quality of the papers is too high. Students get excellent marks and their tutors are pleased with such papers. But there are situations when the paper wasn’t as good as it was expected to be. It depends on the author, and I tell everyone once again, that the choice of the author is the most important step.

Customer support on AceMyHomework

When some questions have appeared and you need to contact the administration of the service, it is available only by email. There is no page in the social network, no address, no form for live chat, no phone number. It makes some people think ‘is acemyhomework safe?’. People who made orders in the past and had problems; complain in their reviews that it took a few days to receive a response from the customer support.

It can be normal when you need to ask something usual. But the same happens when people want to return their money or complain that the author doesn’t meet the deadline. The situation will be the same in both cases, and it really irritates.

In most reviews, the absence of proper customer support is considered to be the main problem of the writing service.

Guaranties and reputation

Unfortunately, AceMyHomework is a writing service that doesn’t give any guarantee to the customers. You will not see there any information about the function of getting money back. There is a page on this service that has to contain such information but clicking on it, you will see error 404. As you see, the administration of the writing service is not interested in the customers and it really disappoints.

But as I mentioned before, the homepage contains lots of positive reviews. It seems to be that the authors of these testimonials have never ordered papers there. So if you are not satisfied with the paper, and the author has no desire to fix it, you can say ‘Goodbye’ to your money. It is locked on the service account, and you have no opportunity to take it back.

Additional features

As you can understand after reading my review, there are not so many extra features that are positive. But I have mentioned that there are some paid features. For example, you can pay and your project will be at the top and everyone will see it.

Nevertheless, it is not so sensible function, because all the orders are divided into categories, and the authors see them all. The only variant is that you will find an adequate author who will make something additional for you. For example, you can ask him/her for creating a PowerPoint presentation for an extra fee of course.

No features can be expected. The administration is not interested in the attention of the clients and there you will have nothing extra for free.


Although the reviews are both negative and positive, people think that the service is worth a try. On different websites with the rates, AceMyHomework has 8.1 of 10. Let’s agree that this result amuses and satisfies.

Of course, there are people who think that it was the worst experience. But there are students who appreciate the service and don’t want to look for another one. It means that you need to pay attention to the choice of the author and everything will be great. Try to find the best ratio of quality and price, and chat with the author to avoid negative results.

Choose the best writing service

If you are not satisfied with AceMyHomeworks, it is not a problem. You can turn back to the list of different services, choose another one and read a review about it. By the way, I made a list of the best and most effective writing services, so you will find that one you will enjoy working with.

See also popular reviews of essay writing services:

  1. Tiffany:

    Acemyhomework is a good option if you need an essay or a standard research paper. When I placed my order for a more complicated task, it hanged there for two days! I did not get a single bid for it! Good, I did not lose any money, but I lost two days! When you have anything extraordinary more than a usual essay, this company can’t help you.

    July 5, 2020
  2. Angeline:

    Unfortunately, my paper had plagiarism in the text. I used this service once, then it was excellent, so I did not recheck the paper. I am very disappointed, as this assignment was essential for me. I complained to the customer support, but they say they can’t refund me the money as I released the payment to the writer. They promised to issue the warning to that writer, though. It was not a pleasant experience in no way.

    June 25, 2020
  3. Jason:

    Acemyhomework is a friendly company, and their customer support is helpful. Besides, I liked the personalized approach. So, I ordered a couple of essays here in the past, and they were decent. I did not get my A, but it was tolerable. Now the writers offer their bids, and their prices are higher. I don’t know if I will order my essays here in the future.

    June 17, 2020
  4. Alicia:

    The bidding system they have is not my favorite way. I prefer to know at once how much the service will cost me. Of course, you can negotiate with writers about the price, but it all takes time! I was under a strict deadline, so I just chose the writer according to the ratings. I got the paper on time, and it was okay, but it cost me more. Maybe I could get a better price if I spent more time talking to other writers. In this case, perhaps, you need to start to search for a writer when you have enough time to waste.

    April 23, 2020
  5. Juan:

    I worked with Acemyhomework for a couple of times, and the quality of their papers is satisfying. I had to request a revision to fix some minor issues. Of course, it would be better if they sent me an essay for my demands at once. But they are okay overall.

    May 5, 2020
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