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Pros: nice website

Cons: writers often don’t follow instructions

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September, 2020

The field of academic writing for sale is productive and competitive. Students need help with the countless writing tasks. Hence, you must choose the right company to do the job for you. This article is the bid4papers review to clarify its services and peculiarities.

The Bid4Papers specialization

This company is one of the popular choices among the students. However, it is not the usual kind of writing service. The writers get in touch with the clients directly, while the Bid4papers group serves as an intermediary and helps to organize processes. The writers do the most frequent types of academic papers on the flexible payment model – we’ll deal with the bid4papers prices further.

Types of papers

On the official website, you can get the list of academic papers to order. This list is pretty standard, but it suits the major part of students’ needs.

You can order the following works from Bid4papers:

  • All types of essays, including the admission essay;
  • Reviews;
  • Research papers;
  • Business plans;
  • Case studies;
  • Coursework;
  • Term paper;
  • Dissertations, including the thesis proposals;
  • Critical thinking papers;
  • Creative writing.

This list seems limited. But it does not mean you can’t refer to Bid4papers if you have a more sophisticated task. During the ordering process, you can choose the ‘Other’ section and describe in brief what you would like to get. 

Prices & Payments

Bid4papers is a ‘bidding’ model. It does not have a pricing policy of its own. Writers will rate their own work. But some factors are influencing the price formation:

  • The type of the paper and how difficult the task is;
  • The size of the paper;
  • The deadline.

These are the conditions that all writing services follow. But with this company, you don’t know the base values. Also, you can’t estimate the bid4papers cost until you get the authors’ bids. Such an approach has its pros and cons:

  • Positive: you can choose the most suitable bid from several proposals;
  • Negative: you won’t know how this price is formed and how much the next order will cost.

This model can be convenient if a student has enough time to communicate with writers and choose the best option. But it would hardly be useful for a person with a limited budget and needing certainty.

As for the payments, the Bid4papers company supports cards of all major systems (Via, MasterCard, AmEx, Discover), PayPal, and even bank transfers.

There are two ways to pay for the services:

  1. You can send money from your PayPal account directly to the writer’s PayPal account. But you need to be PayPal-registered.
  2. You can put money on your account and then release it for payment. The Bid4papers platform will ensure the money transfer.

Discounts, promo codes, and other special offers

The bidding nature does not imply any discounts or special offers. You get several proposals with different prices, discuss the case with the authors, and choose eventually one who would offer you the best ‘quality/price’ correlation. You can negotiate about the price with the writer. 

However, you should keep in mind that it could be unwise to go for cheap. Some writers offer meager prices to overplay the competitors, but you won’t like the quality of the service. I don’t claim that the cheaper prices are always the sign of bad writing, but it can be so. Don’t be in a hurry, and check all the aspects essential for you.

Official website: customer experience

The website is simple. It offers only basic features and helps freelance writers meet the customers. However, you can find useful information there:

  • The list of services;
  • The information about the top writers;
  • The explanation of the authors’ rankings system;
  • The FAQ section where you can learn about the company’s policies.

In general, it is a nicely designed and useful website. It gives you the primary data, and you clarify additional details with the writer.

At the same time, the look of this official website was the reason for many bid4papers scam suspicions in the past. This online resource resembled several other writing services. As a result, users were worried about possible security breaches. It was not the case, though. Bid4papers belongs to a company owning several platforms, and they used the same templates for them. If you are not sure is bid4papers legit – it is.

Ordering Process

The process of making an order is simple:

  1. Specify the task you need to get done. Fill the ordering form where you describe your requirements. Provide as many details as possible so that the writers could understand the job.
  2. Place the request.
  3. You will see the bidding proposals soon. In most cases, it takes several hours, but if you have a sophisticated task to do, it might take several days for you to get a bid.
  4. For every bid, you’ll see the information about the author – their academic level, experience, rankings.
  5. Choose the author to perform the task and top up your balance for the required amount. You will release the ‘reserved’ payment if you accept the work. 

Meeting the deadlines

You state the timeframe yourself when you place the order. The authors who accept your request agree to this deadline. You can, of course, discuss the timeframe too.

However, I researched the public opinions of the Bid4papers services on the Web, particularly at the bid4papers Reddit thread. It looks like meeting deadlines is a common problem. Users complained about the late delivery. In some cases, it took a couple of hours, but there were a day’s long delays too. It can be a severe problem if you can’t rely on the obligation to provide you the paper on time.

You should also take into consideration that you might need revisions. There were cases when the customers had to wait for several days until their writers got back to the texts to revise them.

Writers’ qualification

The company claims they collaborate with almost 1000 of freelance writers. I must note that these writers definitely have a different qualification.

Bid4papers provides some data on their authors – you can learn about their expertise and success. The company encourages users to evaluate their experience of cooperation with the writers. They state they will break the contract with those getting negative feedback.

What I can claim for sure is that you should never choose bids with too low prices. It is a kind of bid4papers cheating, as those authors set a small price to get an advantage over more experienced and better writers. But they can’t provide the same level of quality. And the client will waste time. 

There are some more issues with the bid4papers writers’ qualifications. They often ignore the customers’ instructions, even if there are crucial requirements. And it can be challenging to find a writer of you have a topic demanding in-depth knowledge on the subject, or complicated orders. In many cases, such orders remained ‘hanging,’ and the customers cancel them eventually. It seems that the writers of the Bid4papers company can cope with the standard tasks, but they are not competent enough for more demanding jobs. 

Quality of the papers

The papers that the Bid4papers authors produce often have quality issues. It is a direct consequence of the authors’ qualifications. Besides the frequent delays, I must note the lack of professional editors. The writers may claim they will do the editing and proofreading themselves, but they often are not qualified for this. You have to edit the paper yourself or pay a professional editor.

The quality of the papers I got for the test order was disappointing. Several factual mistakes proved that the writer did not research the topic thoroughly. It also had some grammar mistakes, though the general level of English was appropriate.

And the most problematic issue was visible plagiarism trace. The writer did not cite all the sources correctly. As a result, I had to run an additional plagiarism check and edit the citations and bibliography.

The quality of documents you receive from Bid4papers is often unsuitable.

Customer Support

The company states that customers should discuss all questions related to the writing itself with the authors – deadlines, writing process, revisions, etc. The dedicated support service of the Bid4papers service deals with the website and users’ accounts issues.

You can reach your writer via the live chat in your account. As for the company’s support managers, you can contact them by email or via the message form in a personal account.

The support managers of Bid4papers are competent, polite, and friendly. They do their job well. But if you need to resolve any issue concerning the writing service, your experience might be different.

Reputation of the resource and guarantees it provides

Bid4papers had a bright start in 2013. Customers liked that model and the opportunity to choose from offers to get the best price. But now many users are not happy. The quality of the services is not so good, there are delays, and it is almost impossible to find the specialist for a complicated task. 

As for the service guarantees, I can mention confidentiality – the Bid4papers company respects the user’s anonymity and never lets anything leak. Transactions on the website are secure, and you can be sure about the safety of your payment data.

Money-back-guarantee has two aspects:

  • If you put a certain amount on your balance – you can get it back. When you cancel the order or just want to withdraw the money from the account, this is 100% sure.
  • If you release the payment to the author – it becomes irreversible. The company can’t revert the completed transfer.

Extra Options

Bid4papers do not offer any additional features. The goal is to help the customer and the supplier to meet each other. So, they consider that you will discuss the task and all the extra features with the writer personally.


Bid4papers might be an innovative company on its start, and it gained public interest and many clients. But it turns to be less than successful now. It has become one of many writing services where you can order essays and some other papers writing, and not the cheapest one.

There are performance issues and delays. The writers often don’t follow instructions. And this service is not suitable if you need a specialist for an ambitious task. I would not recommend using it. You might get lucky or waste your money for nothing. Luck is not a substitution for guarantees. 

Score: 1.9/10

Entrust the job to the reliable Essay Writing Service

Other writing services did a lot to gain customers’ trust. They have proved their excellent quality and serious approach to the users’ needs. I’ve listed some of them on this website. If you need a reliable company to order papers and be sure about the quality, refer to the candidates from the top of the rankings.

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