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Cons: support might be quicker

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September, 2020

What is HireWriters?

Somehow you have heard about the hirewriters website but do not know for sure what kind of platform it is and whether it’s worth trusting? I hope that my open and honest review will help you with that. First, I’d like to specify that this platform offers article/content writing services and there are two possible ways of using it: 

  • as a customer ordering pieces of writing;
  • as a writer providing writing services and making money on that. 

The company was started in 2012 and since then it has been a bridge connecting both writers and clients and providing them with a common environment for running the joint business. 

Types of papers written by company

If you are a student or a pupil and looking for the right service for you, you’d better use another service. Because this website does not provide its clients with samples of academic writing. Common customers of this writing service are those looking for the content to place on their website or blog. The range of assignments they offer is far from simple article writing. You can also find help on performing the following written work: 

  • create and automatize e-mails for you;
  • review and analyze various products; 
  • ghostwrite;
  • edit any type of writing; 
  • rewrite any type of writing;
  • proofread written piece of work; 
  • make lists and describe the product;
  • write posts for blogs and participate in forums; 


One of the main issues attracting clients is real and even extremely low prices on all types of assignments in comparison with the services of the same kind. But if it is the main thing which appeals you keep in mind that the same low reward gets writers for their work. Really great writers know their value and consequently, the price of their work can’t be that low. So be careful when you simply buy into the cost of work.

If you want to know how much the exact piece of writing would cost you just click the “Prices” link and the chart with published prices would open in front of you. The lowest price of $0.65 is the price of a Facebook post. If you are going to order something more substantial, for example, an e-book written by an “Expert” writer and having the length of 5,000 words the price of that would rise up to $1250.00. Bear in mind that these are not hard numbers as there is an option of negotiating the price and making it even lower. 

When it comes to the payment options, it should be noted that as a client you will be given $10 credit for registration of a new account which is free. So, it’s a great possibility to test the service for free and make the first order. 

To deposit money to your own account there is a wide range of options, such as Paypal, Debit/Credit card or even recently added bitcoin. So that is quite convenient. If you are a writer, you will get an automatic payment through PayPal at the end of the working week. But for that, your balance account should have at least $10. 

Discounts and bonuses

Most of the customers always look for discounts and special offers to be able to order the product at a really low price. Keep in mind that you will not be able to find any on this platform no matter how hard you would try.

Hirewriters price is really affordable so they do not provide their customers with any discounts. Actually, this kind of business model which is carried out through negotiations between clients and writers does not usually provide any additional features and discounts. Although there is one bonus for those who only begin to use the service. It is a bonus for the first article. When you make your first deposit to the platform you get a 25% bonus. For example, for $100 of your money, you will get $25 for free. That sounds quite attractive, doesn’t it? 

Design and usability

When it comes to the issue of website design and usability it should be mentioned that most part of the site and its content has something to do with writers – here they can find an explanation and steps of registration and beginning the articles writing process. Future customers can only watch a little video and get acquainted with the list of pieces of writing which are available for ordering. Most of the users claim the interface to be quite dated. And in spite of the fact that it is also functional, it might be confusing when you just make the first steps in ordering and managing all of the article projects. There is an option of ordering one or even more pieces of writing in one project. For that, you have to fill up a non-complicated article order form, specify article details and give your instructions. 


When working on my hirewriters review I found out that a customer has to make his own account to place an order and get the article written. And of course, the order will not be placed into work if you do not put as little as $10 which you will use to pay for your future orders. The demand to open an account even if you need a single piece of work seems to be quite inconvenient for us. As you’ve made your order it is placed on a specific board where writers will choose and perform it following specific instructions and tones set by you and using intended keywords. 

There is an option of individual writers’ search by using specified criteria. Apply a whole range of filters to sift out the writers of the platform. The filters include the following:

  • overall rating
  • level of standing
  • how often writer’s articles were rejected
  • number of completed jobs
  • writers’ specialty and industry. 

Another draw when choosing a writer is that most writers have photos in their profile and that makes the process a little bit personal. To order the content after creating an account you can follow the steps below: 

  1. Choose the button “Order Content”
  2. Then go to “Order Articles” 
  3. Afterward, complete the information on Project description 
  4. 4.Specify the length of the article and language (British or American English) 
  5. Identify the deadline for a writer
  6. Make a choice of a skill level or a writer to perform your order 
  7. Give special instructions
  8. Finally, place an order. 


There is an option of selecting the length of the time given to a specific type of work. So, your order can be fulfilled in less than 72 hours. Usually, just when a writer agrees to complete your order ( as a rule it takes just a few minutes) he or she has 24 hours to make a piece of writing for you. However, if you have an urgent order you can set the time limit as little as 6 hours if you wish. The moment when you receive the article you are given time for its reviewing and making a decision whether to take or reject it. 

It might happen that you are not satisfied with the piece of work provided. In that case, you are allowed to request for it to be revised until you get the piece of desired quality and level. If the quality of the article still remains very low even after multiple revisions you have an option of blocking the writer for providing you with poor quality.

A customer will definitely like the fact that he or she only has to pay for the approved articles and get the best out of their money. In case you are happy and satisfied with a piece of writing a writer can be added to your favorite list and the next time you will be able to use his or her services directly. 

Quality of experts

The platform offers customers to choose between writers of 4 different levels. At the moment they rank their writers into: 

  • Beginner, 
  • General, 
  • Skilled, 
  • Expert. 

Primary, when writers register with the website all of them are given beginners category. Further, when performing more and more orders for clients they get promoted. So a General Writer is the one who has already completed 3 jobs and has an overall rating of 4 stars or more. When performing at least 7 jobs and having 4.1 stars or above a writer is called a Skilled one. To become an Expert a person should complete at least 12 pieces of writing and have 4.6 stars. The rank of the writer is closely connected to his or her pay. The higher it is the higher the price is. The platform itself claims that their writers are professionals from main English-speaking countries. But there are many customers’ comments claiming that the articles are exceptionally poorly written due to being performed by not native English-speaking writers. Yes, there are really some dishonest writers who provide customers with low- quality material, but if it happens regularly, they get banned by the service itself. 

The Platform has a very strict attitude in terms of controlling the quality of the services they provide. Each writer is given a grammar test and the task of essay writing before they can start getting orders from clients.

Content quality

If you want to determine the content quality by samples before making an order you will be disappointed because there is no possibility to do it. Only a few writers post samples of their work on their profiles.

If you look for the answer to the question on the Internet: “Is HireWriters good?” you will not find a lot of positive answers. Most users claim that the articles ordered from the service have middling quality and might contain grammar, spelling and other kinds of mistakes.

Even if you choose a skilled writer to perform your order it might still look like a high school student wrote it. Of course, there is an option of rejecting the article and asking for its revision. You can apply for that and expect for fixing the found issues. But that still does not guarantee that you will get a high-quality piece of writing in the end because it looks like they simply do not see any weak points in their writing. That makes to think that it was not done by a professional writer. So, even though I cannot provide any evidence of hirewriters scam I would recommend the company to be more honest in terms of their writers and upgrade the quality control concerning those allowed to be registered as a writer. 

Customer support

If you are a customer and you have some issues to be solved you can address customer support. Unfortunately, there is only one way to do it – via email. Though it might be quicker and convenient if there was an option of making a phone call or a chat. Many users claim that they also can freeze your account without giving any explanation. So that would be much better if they improved their communication with service clients. When it comes to real situations of contacting the support team some customers say that they haven’t got a response for a month, while others say that they have received an answer within just a few hours. Maybe it depends on the type of claim you make there. 


As concerns of hirewriters reddit reputation, reliability, and guarantees, unfortunately, the rating of the service is not that high – on average 8.6/10. 

The site can not be called a scam, because all the clients get the pieces of writing they request for. They do operate legally but that fact that they do not justify the claims regarding the quality of the services provided lowers their reputation. So, most clients are not happy because they do not get what they pay. Yes, the price is really appealing and they promise to provide customers with, for example, 800-word articles for such a low price as five dollars. It’s really hard to find any other service offering that kind of price range. But in the end, these articles turn to be really poorly-written, so there is a feeling of being deceived and maybe even scammed. 


Until recently most of those who were looking for some extra features of the service were not able to find any which also made them unhappy with the service. But not that long ago Hire writers added the feature of Managed services which enables customers to outsource the process when your content is being created and even posted to the blog or social media pages. That allows saving time because you are provided with a project manager who is in charge of taking care of all your content needs including a search of writers as well.


It is needless to say that students better to avoid using HireWriters because it does not provide with samples of academic writing. The service was developed to be used for businessmen. Is hirewriters legit? The answer is definitely YES because customers really receive the item they paid for. 

However, I am not sure if I can recommend it for those who look for high-level articles. Yes, you might be attracted by really affordable and low prices but remember the saying:” Buy nice or buy twice”. So do not risk! Is hirewriters safe? Maybe YES, maybe NO because poor quality pieces might damage the image of your business. Moreover, that’s for sure not what you are looking for. But it is up to you to make a decision. 

Score: 8.6/10

Pick up the top writer for your task

You are a student with a lot writing tasks but do not have time to write high-quality content for it? Are you looking for alternatives to Hirewriters to get really high-quality pieces? Do you want to hire a writer to provide you with regularly updated with high-quality text? Then my top list of best writing companies is what you really need. Here you can find high ranked professionals who can provide you with excellent samples of high-quality content which will rank high in the search boxes, and consequently bring you more money.

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    Hirewriters.com is a fraud. I demanded a refund, and they just ignored my message. They took my money and disabled my account, where I put my deposit. It is stealing!

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