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September, 2020

Modern students use the Internet for different purposes. Someone may be looking for games or other entertaining information. And someone can improve their academic performance. There are a large number of platforms today for this purpose. I decided to analyze one of them in order to make up my general impression and provide other students with an honest paperhelp review.

What is PaperHelp?

PaperHelp is one of today’s popular student sites. Its essence is that a student can at any time order the necessary paper for a university or college. These resources are used by both those who do not want to write essays on their own, and those who want to get a guaranteed A-grade. Many students work, have a variety of hobbies, or simply do not know how to write essays. Such sites are therefore very popular and attract the attention of a wide audience. The creators of the platform promise that the papers are written by professional authors who have extensive experience in the educational industry and know what requirements are put forward by colleges and universities.

Types of assignments

If to believe the creators of this website, they can provide you with almost any essay that they only instruct at the university. In addition, they promise assistance with research papers, course papers, personal statements and other types of student papers. In addition to writing directly, they can provide editing, proofreading, and even printing services. Thus, this company offers a fairly large number of services that any student can use while studying.

Money issue

I believe that modern students love to get clear information very quickly. They do not want to waste their time looking for some data on the website. I had to spend half an hour to find the price list for this company. The pricing policy here is formed depending on what essay you need: for college, high school, university or doctoral studies. If you are in high school, your essay will cost from $ 7 per page, depending on the volume and timing. If you study in college and university, the paperhelp price rises sharply. Research is much more expensive. I believe that these prices are very high. Not every student can afford to pay so many dollars for an essay. In addition, you will need to pay extra if you want your paper to be ready earlier than a week. Many professors are given the task of writing an essay in 3 days. In this case, you definitely do not have the opportunity to order writing papers for a period of 7 days. So, you have to pay a lot or write an essay yourself.

Bonuses, discounts and special offers

There are discounts for new customers. You can spin the wheel on the main page of the site to find out what discount you will get. You can also use the paperhelp discount code and get a 15% discount. In fact, this opportunity pleased me, because not every site offers discounts for new customers. But if you have not used this service yet and do not know about its advantages, then you will be pleased to at least get a discount and make an order as profitable as possible for yourself. Therefore, they arranged for me to get a discount.

Website’s usability and appearance

Website design is what I liked. It is quite modern, associated with space, made in pleasant colors. But I can’t say that it is user-friendly. Some information needs to be searched for a long time before you find it and can use it. Sometimes it seems that there is too much unnecessary text. They paint every moment as detailed as possible and because of this, students do not understand where they can find the necessary information and services.

Placing an order

You can place an order here without much effort. They have specially created a large orange button so that you can pay attention and make your order right now. Next, a page opens on which you must fill out all the information about your essay. This can be a topic, the number of words or pages, and other information important to the author. After that, you will find out the final cost of your paper and you can proceed to the payment process.

Deadlines and delivery time

When a student orders an essay, he or she wants to be written as quickly as possible. Even if you have a week, you want to write this essay in exactly 5 days or a maximum of a week. But certainly not in 10 days. In my case, there was a serious delay in the paper. I really did not like it. The author did not even apologize or explain the reason for this delay. I believe that a delay in deadlines is unacceptable for services that offer students writing different papers.

Professionalism of writers

I am dissatisfied with the quality of the authors. I was sure that on such sites real professionals work, people with higher education or even a scientific degree. They promise that each author is a practicing expert and knows exactly how to write an essay. But it seemed to me that some student was writing my essay. It was not professional or expert. I believe that if I had more free time, I could have written the exact same paper myself. My essay also contained errors and plagiarism. Therefore, in the end, I had to redo it. Perhaps I was not lucky with the author, and other writers work better, but I will not check this.

Content quality

After I read the reviews on this website, I was sure that they work with professional authors and provide students with the highest quality essays. I did not find any evidence that these reviews are recent and have been written recently. Perhaps these reviews are real, but they are 5 or even 10 years old. Because I was dissatisfied with the quality of my work. Firstly, there was a certain level of plagiarism. Secondly, my essay contained some errors. I cannot say that the author of my paper was an experienced professional. Rather, it was another student who had time to write essays on order. But he or she cannot guarantee you the level you expect. Of course, you will save time if you order an essay and do not write it yourself. But you will definitely not get an A-rating for such a paper.

Customer support 

Nowadays, customer service is the most important thing that the client wants to decide that is paperhelp good. Even if you were not satisfied with the cooperation, you can at least count on the fact that you will be helped or given competent advice. On this site, I found two ways to contact support. The first was a live chat, the second was email. in any case, you need to provide your contact details even if you are not a client. This moment seemed to me not convenient since I did not want to initially provide my email. I also had to wait a long time for an answer from the team, but in the end, they answered my questions. Therefore, I had an average impression of the work of the customer service due to their slowness.

Reputation of service and it’s guarantees

There are a lot of paperhelp org reviews on this website. Of course, they are all positive. But as it turned out in practice, they do not correspond to the truth. Of course, there is such an option that other students are more fortunate with writers and essays. But this is definitely not my case. Therefore, I can say that the reputation of this company is definitely not the best. Moreover, after that, I studied the reviews on independent platforms and saw that other students do not recommend this website either. Thus, I believe that they host untruthful information that does not correspond to their reputation. Also, since I was not satisfied with my essay, I demanded that they return my money. But they said it was impossible. Moreover, they did not answer me for a long time and I did not even know whether they would return my money to me or not. Then they wrote to me and said that they could not return my funds. Therefore, I am not sure whether they are legal and whether it is possible to cooperate with them, being confident in their safety.

Extra features

I did not find any additional services on this website. Perhaps they offer plagiarism or grammar errors. But I did not find it. On their website, they offer only keywords by which you can understand what they want students to look for in Google and get on this page. Such optimization for search engines is certainly wonderful in terms of website promotion, but it immediately makes it clear that they do not really value you as a client.


Summing up, I can say that my opinion about this website is negative. I can’t say for sure whether paperhelp scam, but I definitely won’t recommend other students to use this service. My overall rating is 4.6 out of 10. If the team of this website really wants to benefit students, they should substantially refine their service and fix so many aspects. Only after that, it will be possible to say that paperhelp legal, truly worthy and beneficial.

Score: 4.6/10

How to choose the best writing service for your needs

Despite the fact that this website did not live up to my expectations, I know that today there are a large number of other resources on the Internet that help students cope with their study assignments. Thus, I advise you to pay attention to the list of trusted websites on this page and make an order that will exceed your expectations. This will help to save your time and money and get an A-rating, having earned the respect of a professor.

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