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September, 2020 phenomenon

Among a great number of online writing services SpeedyPaper is different is its popularity on the Web. In general, you can find only positive feedback on their site. The company seems to be a renowned service that appeals to many users. However, the number of positive reviews calls into question the real name of the company.

In fact, SpeedyPaper is a regular online platform for accomplishing the writings on a request of the students. It has nothing special in terms of its services. At first glance, there are no exquisite features that a company performs. Therefore, I need to take a closer look at the service and examine their good name pays off.

List of possible assignments

Online paper services have been designed to cater to the academic demands of students all over the world. Thus, they are also valued for the range of services that could be found on their sites. The bigger the list of tasks a student can benefit from, the better the ranking of the company on the market. Therefore, the biggest online services strive to present more and more assignments that a student can offer. It makes them more valuable in the eyes of the customers.

Unfortunately, I can hardly rate SpeedyPaper one of the greatest companies comparing to other writing platforms. You can agree with my statement if you go to the site and examine the variety of services available there.

In fact, you can see a regular list of tasks that an ordinary student may need. Thus, nothing special in this section is waiting for you. An essay, an article, a review on a book or another academic paper of increased complexity. Unfortunately, it cannot satisfy the needs of any client, as the list is quite poor.

How much to pay for a paper

For an experienced user of such online platforms, the pricing system can be quite understandable. The cost of the final paper cannot considerably differ from the average on the market. If a company sets an enormous price for the services, it will fail to attract the clients and make a profit. Therefore, such companies follow the same pattern in some sense.

When you go to the site and scroll down till the end of the page, you can see a table with SpeedyPaper prices. In fact, these are within the average range of the prices on the Web. You can buy one-page work for approximately $10. The company claims to be a high-quality service, so the pricing policy is impressive and quite beneficial, indeed.

However, the quality issue is still questionable. Moreover, $10 is the lowest price you can expect. The cost will be considerably higher if you mention the deadlines that approach soon. The price will rise depending on the academic level and proficiency of the writer.

Discounts policy

Students usually prefer cooperating with the services that can offer some additional discounts, so that the final price is slightly lower. In general, such treatment of pricing policy has earned popularity among the students who find the offers quite beneficial.

  • When you go to, you can hardly find any information about special offers. The company does not point out this on the website. 
  • However, being a member of their site, you can find a 7% discount for the first offer.
  • Actually, you can also make use of the SpeedyPaper discount code if you ask for it. However, the algorithm the company uses to decide whether you “deserve” a discount is strange and inconsistent.

Company’s online platform design 

Actually, when students are looking for a company to prepare for a lesson, for example, they do not focus their main attention on the usability of the site. To be frank, there are more important points to think about. However, a great majority of users claim that they pay particular attention to how the site works and if it is convenient to use it.

In fact, the website has no exquisite features. It is a regular online platform, not flawless, though. When you open up the homepage, you can point out the amount of text allocated on the page. There is an abundance of information that confuses a user first. You have to scroll up and down the page hoping to find what you need.  

Steps to make an order

The process of placing an order is nothing special, in fact. Since most online writing services are similar when it comes to the ordering procedure, you can expect a few differences in the process.

In general, you need to perform the same steps. All you need is to fill in the form put on the website. There is space for your requirements considering the academic level of the paper, a writer, additional suggestions and amendments. When you mention all the necessary information, you are ready to place an order.

The only thing that distinguishes SpeedyPaper among other writing services corresponds to the way you can preview your finished paper. At first, the text is presented in Pdf format. It is converted into Word file only after the payment is done. For some students, it can be inconvenient and regarded as SpeedyPaper scam operations.

On-time papers delivering 

Being liable for the delivering of the papers is the main responsibility of such services. In general, the student asks for help as he or she is pressed for time and need an abrupt and quality response. Therefore, such services must put the timing as their main priority. However, there are cases when the students suffer from the recklessness of the writers who delay the deadlines by themselves.

In terms of timely delivery, SpeedyPaper is not a perfect platform. There are a few reviews where students pointed out their complaints about the service. They admitted that the writers could be late with the papers. However, they are supposed to manage any task within 6 hours.

Writers’ performance 

Writers are the cornerstone of online services for crafting academic papers. These are the writers who accept the orders and then work on the writings. Therefore, you need to know about their proficiency to figure out the probable outcomes of the cooperation.

On the website, there is information about the writers. It was left by the company itself, so SpeedyPaper review is positive. They ensure the high professionalism of their workers who are ready to perform top-notch papers in a matter of a few hours.

You can assign the writers with a dissertation, for example, and it will be done in 6 hours. It raises doubts as most writing services ask for at least a day for such complicated papers. Therefore, I have to say that the quality of the work is questionable.

Quality of the papers

The site is mainly focused on writing the essays, but you can also benefit from various serious papers. On the website, you can find lots of positive feedback about the quality of the works. However, to see the truth you need to visit other websites.

The users agree that the papers are written in poor language. They are not structured well, either. In some cases, the topic is neither revealed nor argued properly. Thus, the question “Is SpeedyPaper scam?” becomes obvious.

Relationship with a client

On the website, you can find lots of ways to reach out to the support team. There are various possibilities, such as a live chat, an email and a phone number for the most concerned users. 

However, you cannot take advantage of these options, as they do not work properly. Considerable delay in answering the clients’ questions is a common issue for online writing platforms. With SpeedyPaper, you can observe the same pattern. The agents seem to be quite reluctant answering the requests of the customers. Thus, you need to wait for your turn. 

However, the support team can hardly help you with the issue, since the company itself gives you little guarantees. 

Company’s image and safeguards 

The first question seems to be obvious. The users wonder “Is SpeedyPaper legit?”, as, on the Internet, there are lots of negative comments about their services. 

Frankly speaking, there is a list of guarantees that a user can get. You are supposed to get an endless amount of free revisions, but they could be performed with a delay. Moreover, you will not get a full refund if the text is of a bad quality even after checking. 

You are supposed to get a free SpeedyPaper plagiarism report, but you need to ask for it.

Benefits for a customer

SpeedyPaper suggests their client quite a few special offers. Being their customer, you can be treated especially if you pay more. Thus, additional features considering your order can be done for the extra fee. 

Moreover, you can get a plagiarism report. It sounds strange, as the company claims that the papers are 100% original. 

Brief conclusion 

The company was supposed to offer quality writings to a customer. However, the users complain about the services and incompetence of the writers. The team does not work efficiently to meet the needs of its customers.

Score: 5.9/10

Turn to another service 

In fact, the SpeedyPaper team can manage simple tasks, but the quality issue will still be in place. Do not waste your time using the services of the company. Choose a better one and get a high mark from your professor. 

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