About me

My name is Helen Forrester, and I am a freelance online tutor, a blogger, and a writer. I consider myself blessed as I can do what I love, and I adore writing.

Being born in Seattle, I moved to Canada as a child. I was raised there and graduated from the University of Toronto. Linguistics was my eternal love, and I could teach English. That was the turning point.

More than ten years in the field of education, as a student and as a teacher, made me build my views on educational principles and students' homework load. I find it excessive and outdated in its approach. There are too many useless things demanding your dedication that you will forget for good. And it is evident that we must look for more progressive and original educational methods.

I launched this website to create a database of current online writing services. Why? Well, it will take a minute to explain.

Let's start with the idea that I don't consider using such services to be unethical. I was a student myself, and I wish I had some opportunities for professional assistance the modern students possess. I am not talking about some misuse cases – I don’t believe that any person would leave all the homework to the writing assistants. Students, as a rule, love their college life, and they enjoy learning. The problem is that it can be too much to do.

So, there is nothing harmful in the possibility to ask for help time after time. Especially if you remember how much we demand from these young boys and girls. They must be brilliant students in the classes, and they must do sports, participate in the debate clubs, and do volunteering in their communities. And submit the endless texts they had to write in time. Do we really consider the students to be superheroes?

In this aspect, online writing services help them to survive the enormous college load. But there is another problem: there are too many services, and not all of them are reliable. I remember some students who wasted money for nothing, as they paid enough and received some trash papers. It is totally unacceptable. Writing services must bear responsibility for their work and don’t make the students risk turning to them.

My goal is to find and evaluate as many writing companies that operate online, as I can. I want to decide eventually, which services are reliable. I want to select those that will help the students to improve their knowledge, gain better skills, and not just take their money. Nobody should be scammed by unreliable writing companies, no matter how efficient their advertisements are.

Besides, let me clarify some other things too.

I am not going to advertise any of the writing services – I don't work for them, and they don't pay me for positive or negative reviews. My opinions about each company that I review are the result of thorough research and personal experience of getting the papers on demand. If I find some service excellent or scam – I will ground my opinion with evidence.

Also, I am not going to judge the students for using such services. I only want to warn them of the bad quality.

Currently, I am working as a writing coach myself. I have been doing this for six years already, and I hope to have many more great and productive years doing my favorite job.

I love to see how my students become more proficient writers and learn to expose their thoughts. I hope to see them among the prize winners one day. Some of them will create bestselling novels, and others will become great teachers themselves. Sometimes it depends on the possibility to focus on the main tasks.

This website is not my job to earn my living. It is a hobby.

I do it because I believe in quality and responsibility. And those writing services that can provide them for the students deserve being famous.

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