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September, 2020

Many students try to find someone who will complete writing assignments for them. The service Papers Mart is one of the most popular and widely used among students from different English-speaking countries. To make truthful and objective review lots of the comments and details were taken into account. Is it worth to use this website? What authors work there? And how much to pay?

Papers Mart: what is it?

Papers Mart is one of the well-known services, which offer help to students. It doesn’t matter which academic level you have, you can ask for help and someone will write the needed paper for you. On the homepage of the website, visitors can see the list of papers, which can be written and their short descriptions. In other words, this service is a platform where a student places an order, pays for it, and gets the required paper.

The assortment of the papers

Reading some papersmart reviews on the Net, I can see one point that confuses the customers. It is the list of academic papers because some of them are even unknown to the tutors. It may cause some doubts about whether all these papers will be written qualitatively. It seems to be that there can be fewer papers, but with higher quality.

Still, customers order some papers on this service. If you are on this website for the first time, be ready to see 6 sections like:

  • Proofreading
  • Dissertations
  • Essay writing
  • Research papers
  • Home tasks completing
  • Admissions

Moreover, these sections have lots of papers, and in general, customers can choose one of 50 types. It can be so confusing, and the customers often complain about it.

Prices: how and how much to pay?

Thinking about papersmart prices,you may think that they are high enough. According to the customers’ feedback as well as the information from the homepage, students should pay $12 per page. It seems to be the simplest essay for school or college. But if you need to have a dissertation or something more complicated than just an essay, be ready to pay even more than $50 per page.

The prices are not fixed, and the customers are told about that when they enter the homepage. The final sum depends on the required academic level, number of pages, deadline, and complexity of the subject or topic and etc. One of the advantages of the service is that the customer can discuss the final price before the writer will start to work. As for the payments, all common systems are available. You can pay for the papers with the help of PayPal. As it is mentioned on the homepage, MasterCard or Visa can’t be used for payments.

Can prices be lower?

As was mentioned above, the price starts from $10 per page, and the average prices per page for the college essay is $12. According to the comments of the customers, there are no loyal programs or discounts. The only point is the referral program. It means that you will get some bonuses for inviting other people to join and cooperate with the service.

Of course, you can find the author whose prices are lower than others’. But it doesn’t mean that the paper will be as qualitative as one which is written by the author at a higher price. Unfortunately, the customers write that there are no more special offers, papersmart discount or bonuses. But if you can ask the author, maybe he/she will proofread or correct some pieces of the text for free.

The convenience of the website

The online service is average and it has nothing that would outline it among the others. But the website is one feature which is attractive enough.  As for the usability of the homepage, it is on the highest level. Every customer can find all the required information. The interface is simple and easy to understand.

So simple and quick the order process is. According to the reviews of the customers, you have to describe what you need, to pay for this paper, and to close the thank you page.

One more interesting feature of the website is the section devoted to the authors. Clicking on this page, you can read and know more about the writers who work on the service. There are pieces of information about how the authors are hired, how they pass the tests, how high their papers are evaluated and etc. But, unfortunately, the information is general, no exact names are pointed.

How to make an order?

As you see, there is no truthful evidence about the papersmart scam,so you can make an order if you wish. People, who made orders earlier there, say that the ordering process takes a few minutes.

Being on the homepage of the service, the customer can see the big and attractive button ‘Order now’. So if you need some academic papers, reviews or even text for your blog, you can click on this button. There will be an online form, which you should full with your data. For example, write your name, country, phone number, subject, topic and other details about the paper. The volume is commonly determined by the number of pages.

After that, the author will take your order and start to work. On this step, you will know about the final price of the order, because the number of pages, complexity, subject and other details will be taken into account.

Will you get the paper on time?

There are not comments of the customers on the homepage, but they are published on different websites on the Net. Many clients agree that the papers were sent to them in time. But what about their quality?

Lots of reviews suggest that the papers were sent in time, but the quality was low when the deadline was short. Some people, who ordered research papers and dissertations, complained that texts were as simple as for the school essay. Moreover, no discounts were offered and no one rewrote the papers.

Summarizing hundreds of reviews, it can be said that it is better to make an order when you have enough time. If you are short of time, and the deadline can be even 1 or 2 days for serious paper, it is better to use the other service. Of course, you will get the paper, but maybe it will be worse than you would expect.

How competent are writers?

Unfortunately, there are not many examples of the texts which are available for potential customers. That is why I can know about the writers’ competence from the reviews of the customers.

According to some reviews on the Net, people were satisfied with the papers which they got. The papers were rather informative and the authors met all requirements.  But there are also people who say that the quality could be higher. More than half of the customers, who ordered papers here earlier, say that they were satisfied more with the meeting deadline than with the quality.

By the way, the website has the information which tells about the complicated hiring process. It means that writers pass a few tests including English vocabulary and grammar and specialized tests on the subject.

If you have the question ‘Is papersmart reliable?’, I can answer ‘Yes’. I read lots of reviews and lots of people mentioned the perfect English and absence of grammar mistakes. But customers complained because the texts were simple, not as scientific as they wished. Also, some topics were not opened and outlined as widely as they might be.

How qualitative are texts?

Even if you want to read comments on the official website, you will not be able to do it. There are no testimonials, but they are on different websites. It is said that this service has offered help for more than 10 years. But there isn’t a page for feedback, and you can’t even thank the author.

As for the reviews on other websites, the customers say that the texts were good, but not excellent. Commonly the customers complain about the simplest sentences, literarily style in scientific topics and little terms. But almost all customers are satisfied with the uniqueness. The texts aren’t plagiarized.

There were little mistakes, and often the writer agreed to proofread the text one more time and correct everything.  English is perfect, and this parameter is estimated the most highly among the reviewers.

How the customers are supported?

There will be no doubts about is papersmart legitafter reading this abstract. So there aren’t so many pieces of information about customer support. But there are some people from the Net, who decided to check this function.

So the potential customers tried to contact the customer support with the help of live chat and phone. All questions were connected with the policy, the system of payment, peculiarities of making orders and etc.

People dealt with three supporters and all of them were friendly, ready to help and informative. But given information is so similar, so it seemed that these representatives of the service read text from the paper and didn’t help on their own.

It’s a pity because it shows that even when people will lose their money, their representatives will not be as compassionate as you may expect.

Guaranties and reputation

Statement ‘papersmart fraud’is not true. According to the reviews from the Internet, all customers got the papers. Some of them were not time, some of them had mistakes, some of them were not as informative as the customers wanted.

But still, the service is working now, and the students who are in a difficult situation and need help, place orders and get the papers. In general, customers put 7 from 10. Of course, you also can be sure about money. You can pay only by PayPal, so your credit card numbers and other valuable information will be in secret.

There were not situations when the service gave back money to the customers. According to the ordering process, you should pay before you get the paper. If something is wrong, you can chat with the author and he/she will correct.

More features

Almost all websites that offer writing services have more features than just writing. There is a blog on PapersMart, when the modern and relevant articles are published. Readers consider this content to be interesting, but there are some mistakes. Users say that it is not amazing that mistakes are in the papers if they are even in a blog that everyone can see and read.

Rules and policies are also published on the website, but they are written properly. This information is easy to read. The great disadvantage of the website is the absence of the page for feedback. This market is so competitive. And if the customer is satisfied and wants to thank, he/she has to have the opportunity to do it.

One more feature is an online calculator with the help of which you can find out the final price. Just enter all details including the number of pages, type of paper, subject and deadline. 


PapersMart is not a fraud company. It offers writing services for university and college students, scientific workers, bloggers, reviewers, and masters. Even if you need a Ph.D. paper, you can ask for help there.

By the way, it hasn’t page for testimonials.  So if you want to make an order for the first time, you have to find the reviews on other websites. According to such reviews, customers get average essays there. The quality is normal, but it can be higher. It can be said about the prices because other services offer more profitable conditions.

As for the guarantees, the customers get the paper anyway. As it is mentioned on the homepage, 97 of 100 customers get the papers in time. You can chat with the author and tell him about the importance of passing the paper on time.

Score: 7.1/10

Choose the best service

If you need to pass the paper to your tutor, but you have no time or desire to write it on your own, please, turn back and look at the list of other services. There you can find online writing services, which offer the best prices, meeting deadlines and additional features for free. The number of websites can amuse you, so read the reviews carefully and choose the service which satisfies you with everything.

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