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September, 2020

Students are constantly faced with huge amounts of assignments from their professors. But far from always, they have enough time to write a quality and informative essay. Therefore, it is not surprising that today a large number of services have appeared, each of which offers to write an essay for you.

What is EssayBot?

One of these services is EssayBot. The creators of this service claim that they have developed artificial intelligence that can write essays instead of students. I decided to check whether such technologies can be really good and high-quality, whether they can generate a unique text for me on the topic I need. Ideally, as essaybot reviews say,this website should save a lot of time and nerves.

Papers’ types

My first disappointment was that the company did not offer any additional services besides writing the essay itself. They do not undertake term papers, dissertations, or any complex papers that require lengthy and thorough work. If I can write an essay in half an hour, I’d better do it myself, and I won’t trust this task with artificial intelligence. If I need some more complex paper, then I will turn to another service and I will count on good quality, but apparently not in this case since this is not possible. Most likely, their artificial intelligence simply can not cope with more complex tasks. It simply writes small texts, rewriting them from existing texts on the Internet. So I can’t consider essaybot illegal.

Payment and pricing options

At first glance, it might seem that using the services of this bot is free. This is actually not the case. As soon as you finish the order process and download all the necessary information to create an essay, you will receive a notification that you must buy a subscription in order to upload your essay. A weekly subscription essaybot cost at $ 3. If you want to order different essays within a month or a year, you have to pay from ten and from 60 dollars. I believe that this amount is high enough for students. Especially considering that your essay will not be written by a person, but by a computer program. Surely the creation of this bot cost its developers much cheaper than they are now trying to make money on students.

Disappointment for me was also the presence of only 2 payment options. They accept only PayPal and Stripe. Even if you are not a client of one of these services, you still need to register to create your account and pay with a debit or credit card. This is inconvenient for many students who did not register on these websites. On the other hand, they are really popular and safe, so maybe such an account will be useful to you in the future. In any case, it’s not exactly certain that the creators of the bot save their users time.

Discounts and special bonuses

I simply did not find any discounts or special promotional codes. I do not exclude the possibility that they sometimes give seasonal discounts, for example before Christmas, but also I have no guarantee. It would be great if they offered a discount to those students who would bring a few friends with them, but they did not offer me such an opportunity either. Perhaps you need to know about personal discounts individually, but no one answered me on their phone.

Design and functionality

Is essaybot any good?I liked the design of this website. It is both minimalistic and stylish. You can quickly find examples of ready-made essays to see what your paper will look like. There are also customer reviews here. Most likely they do not correspond to the truth, but if you do not go deeper, the overall impression is positive.

Checkout process

I can talk in detail about how EssayBot works. You open the order form, then write the topic of your essay or a single word that relates to the topic of your paper. After that, artificial intelligence searches for articles and essays on a similar topic and offers you several entry options for your paper. The bot then rewrites this paragraph to make it 100% free from plagiarism. You continue to do this with the following paragraphs or introduce your ideas, and the bot offers you the end of a sentence from several sources. This way you get an essay compiled from different sources and rewritten in such a way that it is unique. When the paper is ready, you can download it. But first, you need to pay a subscription.

On the one hand, the checkout process is quite simple and straightforward. On the other hand, you do not expect that you need to pay for the order until the paper is ready. And this can even be called a deception of students. Some of them think that the services of the website are free and learn about what they need to pay when they have already done a great job and have prepared an essay.

Papers delivery

There is no delay in terms here. This is because the computer program is designed for fast operation. Delays are possible only if there is a human factor, when the author takes on too many orders or when he becomes ill and cannot cope with any of the orders on time. The car just does not have such excuses. On the other hand, the Internet may not always work quickly and you have to wait until the program re-phrases the information found.

You should also consider that you will rewrite your essay yourself so that it looks interesting and attractive. Therefore, plan your time so that you can do it without haste.

Quality of writers

There are no writers here. All your work is done by artificial intelligence. Therefore, you can’t talk about some kind of writing style, literary techniques and secret methods that are familiar only to people with a master’s degree. Artificial intelligence uses text as part of a program. Therefore, on the one hand, you cannot say that the author here is really high-quality. On the other hand, no one promised you that your essay would be written by a professional writer. You work with a machine and you should expect such a result that only a machine can provide.

Content quality

In terms of the quality of the content, I have no big complaints since there were not initially big expectations. This is because artificial intelligence simply takes information from the Internet and then paraphrases the text. Then you yourself must make an effort, read the text and make sure that everything is in order. Thus, in your essay, you can get absolutely illogical sentences and words that are not used in real life but are in the dictionary. And you need to fix it yourself by doing most of the work. Fortunately, I was lucky and I received the text 100% free from plagiarism. But also, I cannot be sure that this site will analyze absolutely all the information on the Internet and make my text truly unique.

Customer support

I was very surprised that this website does not have a live chat. If you are creating modern bots for writing an essay, most likely you can create a live chat. But the developers decided not to. Having allocated enough time, I found two ways to contact customer support. This is an email or phone number. The service team did not answer my letter, and by phone, I was also unable to reach them. Therefore, my overall assessment of customer support is 0, because I never received any response from them. I am having problems using their website and I have no idea how to solve these problems now, that’s why I thought about essaybot cheating.

Company’s reputation

When you use the services of a paid website, and not free or at least very cheap, you expect the company to provide you with at least some kind of guarantee. It is the first question if you want to know that it is essaybot reliable.

Unfortunately, in the case of the EssayBot website, I did not see any promises or guarantees. You cannot receive a refund if you are not satisfied with the services of this service. Even if you bought a membership but never used its services and did not order a single essay, you cannot count on a refund. I hope that they will return the money if the company independently deducts money from me after the membership is canceled, but I also have no confidence in this because they do not promise or guarantee anything to their customers.


To be honest, I can highlight a few positive points regarding this website. For example, they offer students additional features such as plagiarism text checking and a grammar checking tool. Initially, I was sure that these tools would be as useless as the bot itself. nevertheless, they found unoriginal text and grammatical errors. Of course, I don’t think that they will cope with some very complex errors that only a person can believe, but this tool is quite suitable for initial verification.


It’s time to take stock. I can say that I did not like the services of this website. There are practically no moments that would make me even smile. My overall rating is 4 out of 10. Of course, it cannot be said about essaybot scam or that this platform is absolute non-professional in its field. But I also did not see any positive points that could change my assessment. Therefore, I no longer plan to use this service and I will not give such a recommendation to other students either.

Score: 4.0/10

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I have prepared for you a list of companies that offer student services and are trustworthy. You can choose any of them that suits your expectations and budget. Instead of wasting time on unverified sites with a bad reputation, it is better to choose one of the market leaders and entrust the writing of your essay to real professionals.

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