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Pros: bidding system

Cons: difficulties with refund

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September, 2020

As you know, today students deal with lots of written assignments. But not only university and college students require texts. There are lots of people, who write reviews, have their blogs and need some texts for advertisements and etc. If there is no desire or time to write the text, essay or research paper on your own, writing services offer help to everyone. In this article, I will determine whether Studybay is worth of my attention or not.

What is Studybay?

Users know Studybay as one of the most popular writing services. The service works on the bidding system. It means that if you have all the requirements from your tutor, you can place the order and authors will leave their applications, and you have to choose one of them.

It is good that the customer can choose the author not only in accordance with the experience but also to the prices. Some students left their reviews on different websites, so it’s difficult to understand a lot about the service. But everything is summarized in this article, and you will see why the Studybay rate is 7.4 of 10.

What can you order there?

The assortment of academic papers is wide enough. While reading studybay reviews,I can see that any kind of paper can be ordered there. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, ordinary customer, who needs book review, or master, who graduates from university, everyone can make an order.

There are more than 50 types of academic papers, but the next ones are the most common among the customers:

  • Business plans
  • Proofreading articles
  • College and universities essays
  • These statements
  • Book and movie reviews
  • Term papers
  • Coursework
  • Speeches
  • Reports
  • Presentations in PowerPoint
  • Texts for blogs.

It is really profitable for the customers, that they can click on the writer’s profiles and know more information about them. Writers also share samples, which are in free access. Pay attention, that one author is good in the essay while another one is perfect in making presentations. Read testimonials and look examples attentively before choosing the author.

What about payments?

Do you think about ‘is studybay real?’. Of course, it is. And serious evidence is the payment system of the website. By the way, it should be mentioned that the prices are lower than on the other services. For example, students can pay $6 per page, while they have to pay $10 per page on the other writing services. In some reviews, people say that they dealt with additional fees.

Experienced clients recommend hiring top writers, and chatting with them for determining the satisfying prices. It is available because of the bidding system.

As for the payments, it is so easy. You have no need to pay directly to the writer. Your money is transferred to the service account, and when you accept the paper, the author gets his/her money. Webmoney, PayPal and credit cards are available to credit your account.


When you make an order, you create a bid, and after that, you receive the offers from the authors and choose the best one for you. It means that there is no fixed price, and the final sum of payment everyone can discuss with the chosen writer. As you see, there is neither studybay promo code, nor bonus for the first order, nor discount for regular orders.

People, who were clients of the service, wrote in their reviews about different situations. For example, if the order costs $110, you can discuss it with the author and probably he/she will agree for $104 or $105.

The system of payment was described above. But still, it is better to speak about it. Being a client, you:

  • credit your account
  • make a bid
  • choose the writer
  • money is transferred to the service account
  • if you accept the paper, money is transferred to the author.

One point which should be mentioned is promised that all papers are unique. So getting the plagiarized paper, you can send it to the author and he/she will not get the money until it achieves the required uniqueness.

The convenience of the website

The website has an easy interface, but still, it has some disadvantages. For example, you can’t calculate the final price, because of the bidding system. There aren’t many testimonials, and it is the biggest omission of the administration.

By the way, people can read about some kinds of academic papers, which can be mew for them. Lots of authors work there, but it is rather difficult to scroll until the end and find out something about all of them. Some of the authors have empty profiles, so the customers will not know about them.

If you are there for the first time, everything is easy to understand. You will see the big attractive button, clicking on which, you will be able to make an order. At this stage, everything is also clear. Your task is to full all forms, using the information from your tutor or professor. It includes the number of pages, type of academic paper, discipline, wishes for editing, formatting and etc.

Steps for making orders

As you have already known, there is a bidding system on Studybay, so you will make an order and hire the author. But before this action, you have to follow these steps:

  • Click on the button Make an order
  • enter your e-mail, point the subject and kind of the academic paper
  • now your account is created automatically, and the password is sent to the mentioned email
  •  specify all the details which you have, it makes the process quicker.

There is information on the homepage that more than 1000 authors work there. If you want to hire someone who is perfect for your order, please, write as many details as you can.

After looking through all the bids, you can click the special button and hire the author. It means that you agree with his/her price, his/her experience and his/her bid.

The next step is to credit your account and money will be transferred to the service account automatically. After receiving the paper, you have an opportunity to check everything and accept it is everything is correct. Only at this moment, your money is transferred to the writer’s account.

What about deadlines?

Of course, reviewers say that they pointed out the deadlines in their orders. But the problem is that you can’t phone the author or deal with him/her face to face. Your opportunities are limited. So the most important advice is to choose a really reliable and experienced author. In other cases, you will have problems with the tutor.

According to the reviewers from the Net, almost everyone received papers on time. But there were some situations when people were not satisfied with the uniqueness or quality, and correction of the text takes time. My tip is to think twice before choosing the author. Nobody knows who this author is, and how reliable he/she is. Read the reviews on the Internet, and don’t forget about the customer support.

Professional authors

The homepage of the services tells you that all of the authors have degrees and deep knowledge in certain fields. But it is difficult to believe in it because lots of writers don’t show their samples.

My review is based on my own experiments and reviews of customers. So it was mentioned that the papers were ‘weak’. It means that half the papers had grammar mistakes, poor English and strange facts. The service promises that the writers deal with the newest and the most relevant topics which can be nowadays. But it reality people get papers with a high percentage of ‘water’.  Such texts have no scientific value and sense.

No one knows about methods of hiring the authors. There are some writing services, where authors have to pass a few tests, especially specialized and English ones. But it seems to be that on Studybay everyone can start working and no one checks his/her knowledge.

Quality of the papers

Experienced customers tell that there are some issues they dealt with on Studybay. But the quality of the papers is the main one. Customers determine poor English as the main disadvantage. Most authors are not from English-speaking countries, and their level is not like ‘native speakers’.

It was written in the reviews that students received low-quality papers but with low prices. Of course, it is normal, but if you are good at college, but don’t have time for writing an essay, why do you have to get bad marks?

More than half of the customers who left feedback are disappointed with the quality of papers. They say that academic papers were delivered in time, but mostly they contained mistakes and poor sense of the topic.


If you think ‘is studybay legal?’, you may read about its support team and answer on your question. First of all, the workers of customer support are not English speaking. And it makes the process to be slow and difficult.

In many reviews, people described the same situation. It was about the online chat form which is just on the homepage. People wrote there their questions and had no answers for a long time. Some of them say that they received a reply after three or even four hours. But it is not all! It seems the bots answered because in the reply the worker answered about the problem again.

One more issue is when you need to take your money back. It is the real problem of all customers who were not satisfied with the papers. In the reviews, people wrote that the member of the refund department was so cold and impolite. By the way, it was really amusement to get their reply by email. There were situations when people wrote but received nothing.

Are you protected?

There is a mind that studybay cheating,but an official part of the website is said that administration guarantees money back and plagiarism-free texts. In lots of reviews, people complain that they got the papers that were written with missing letters or double spaces between words. It is because the authors want to get money and cheat the antiplagiarism checker.

As it was mentioned in my article, the customer can look through the paper and ask the author to make changes. In another case, the author will not get money for this paper. But there are situations when the author refuses making changes. They don’t get money, but the students don’t get their papers which are so needed for them.

So there is a problem with two sides. On the one hand, you can discuss everything with your writer. You can give him/her extra directions, ask to proofread and etc. But on the other hand, you can write to the support team if you are not satisfied with the paper, and no one can help you. It happens because the writer doesn’t want to work with the paper again, and this order is unpaid and the final version is not accepted.

Additional features

As you see, there are no extra features which can amuse you. By the way, the website has ordinary features, which are typical for such services. For example, the user can read about different types of academic papers. You can also find out the page with testimonials. The profiles of the authors are in free access, but they don’t contain examples of papers.

Maybe one of the most interesting things is the process of choosing the author. If your paper has to be simple, and not difficult, you can get lots of offers. It is really interesting to look through them and to think about attentively.

In this process, a student is like the director who hires staff. But the main point is to make the right choice and not regret it in a few days.


As for the conclusion, I can say that it is not true about studybay reddit. But the service has some issues and the main ones are low quality, unfriendly support team and difficulties with refund service. By the way, if you are a college student and need something easy and simple to write, maybe it is the best variant for you. The prices are not fixed, so you can choose the most profitable bid and be lucky with the paper.

Score: 7.4/10

More variants

My resource has lots of reviews. If you are not satisfied with Studybay after reading this review, you can turn back and look through the list of writing services to find the best one. It is really important to find reliable and professional authors, who will understand how it is serious for you and for your further education.

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